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Absolute Quality Interpreting (AQI) - Interpreter Owned

Absolute Quality Interpreting Services, LLC, consults with Prudhom Interpreting and Consulting (PICS, Inc.) to offer several opportunities for student interpreters, post-ITP graduates, state verified or nationally certified interpreters to increase their knowledge, skills and competence with a focus on language and interpreting process development along with developing a network of colleagues to further support the professional journey.

In keeping with our mission to ensure that deaf, late-deafened and hard of hearing individuals can access communication fully and equally, Absolute Quality Interpreting Services, LLC offers mentoring and training to help individuals gain and improve their sign language communication and interpreting proficiencies.

This collaborative program offers an opportunity for individuals in the last semester of an Interpreter Education Program (IEP) to meet course requirements for an internship, learn more about community-based interpreting in a professional environment and provide additional insight as they are work toward RID/NAD certification. As an intern you'll participate and gain insight into the following:

  • The role and responsibilities associated with interpreting and transliterating
  • Various career paths available to individuals who become proficient interpreters
  • The variety of settings in which sign language interpreters' work
  • Obtain a thorough review of resources available to attain national certification.

You'll have an opportunity to observe our staff at work, discuss key issues and challenges and develop a network of professional relationships that will be valuable to you as you undertake preparation for graduation from an Interpreter Education Program (IEP), preparations towards attaining certification and advance in your career.

DIAGNOSTIC (DIMS) Mentoring Sessions

(up to 3 sessions ‹ 60 minutes each) An opportunity for a 'moment-in-time' extensive diagnostic assessment of both sign-to-voice and voice-to-sign skills identifying strengths and areas of improvement with suggested strategies for moving forward. The participant will need to be prepared with samples of their work to be reviewed with the mentor.

PROGRESSIVE (PIMS) Individual Mentoring Sessions

(8 sessions ­ 90 minute each) An opportunity for individual support from a mentor to identify goals and strategies toward increasing their desired skill set during the mentoring sessions. We encourage the mentoring sessions occur at least bi-weekly, (preferably weekly if the schedules permit.) and be completed within 3 months.


(individually assigned) An opportunity for participants to observe an actual interpreted session for the purpose of further exposure to various professional venues, interpreting styles and vocabulary development.

OBSERVATION (OSS) Supervision Sessions

(To Be Defined ­ Under Construction) A collaborative opportunity for participant to observe and obtain direct input regarding the purpose and intent of communication within various professional venues to further refine the provision of quality interpreting services.

GROUP (GMS) Mentoring Sessions

(8 sessions ­ 90 minute each to occur annually between February to May) An opportunity for students and/or recent graduates of ITPs to join a group of at least four participants with the support of a mentor to focus weekly (or biweekly) on tasks to assist in attaining the groups mentoring goals.

TEST PREP STUDY GROUP (TPSG) ­ Self Directed Sessions

(8 sessions ­ 90 minute each) An opportunity to participate in a group effort of at least four participants to focus on preparations for taking the written and/or performance certification exams.