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Lisa Schaefermeyer
Lisa Schaefermeyer
President & CEO

Lisa has served as a leader in the interpreting field for most of her professional career as a sign language interpreter. She has served on the national Registry of Interpreters (RID) Board of Directors as Region II Representative; RID Educational Interpreter Committee (EIC) as Co-Chair; Florida Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf (FRID) as President; FRID Educational Interpreter Evaluation (EIE) as Chair and has served in a variety of other board and committee positions at the state level. She was honored by her peers with the Distinguished Service Award in recognition of her contributions to FRID and the interpreting community. Lisa was also appointed by Governor Bush as a charter member of the Florida Coordinating Council for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (FCCDHH) and served a full term of 6 years. As a fulltime educational interpreter in Pasco County she served as a union building representative, a member of the District’s Excellence in Teaching committee, and part of the union negotiations team. She was recognized as Pasco County’s District School Related Personnel of the Year and has received a number of other school-based honors during her 25 years of service to that district. Lisa is proud to be an alumni of the University of South Florida, where she received an Interdisciplinary Social Sciences Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in Sign Language. Her professional career of almost 30 years in the Tampa Bay area has provided the experience and knowledge it requires to own and operate Absolute Quality Interpreting (AQI) Services, LLC.
Phyllis Boyd
Finance Officer
Lori Walker
Lori Walker
Scheduling Manager

Lori, oversees and coordinates interactions between customers, sign language interpreters, deaf clients and related marketing efforts. Lori has held sales, marketing and management positions in many fields, including publishing, broadcasting, medical and communications. Her vast experience with corporate clients has allowed her to gain knowledge in a variety of industries and have a better understanding of her customer’s needs. She applies her expertise in medical business management to her roles at AQI Services. As a Certified Massage Therapist and physical therapy clinic Manager, Lori’s experience gives her compassion, insight and sensitivity for those in need. She was selected by the American Red Cross to supervise 30 volunteers at a National Emergency Response Hotline Call Center in Washington D.C. during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Regardless of the venue, Lori’s focus is always to understand others and help them accomplish their goals. Lori is a military spouse and after 23 years of living in California, New York and Texas, she is happy to be residing once again in her home state of Florida. She enjoys assisting her clients to meet the needs of their Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers.
David Scott
David Scott
Chief Technology Officer

David has been in video technology for over 17 years as an engineer at major companies such as Tanberg (Cisco), Polycom, Sprint and ZVRS. While at ZVRS, he was chosen for the 2010 Achievement Award by the executive management. David was recruited to lead the company’s growth in video conferencing technology through deployment of video products and services for Fortune 100 clients, U.S. government agencies and healthcare/social service providers. As a three-member team he was responsible for installing over 1,800 Tanberg MXP150 systems within a 3-year span, comprising 1K plus client locations, utilizing 10-digit dialing for video conferencing through CSDVRS network. Currently David is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO), for Absolute Quality Interpreting Services where he is utilizing his years of experience and expertise to handle complex, high-level security protocols to maintain the company’s technical infrastructure and client information confidential. David is also a US Navy veteran and is applying his experience to AQI’s trainings in emergency response/disaster readiness. Technology changes rapidly. David’s diligence in staying ahead of these new technologies allows him to consider innovative solutions for AQI and to its customers. His ability to communicate in sign language and work with the Deaf community makes him a valuable asset to an interpreter referral company and everyday he demonstrates how he is changing the culture of communication.
Brenda Prudhom
Brenda Walker Prudhom
BA, NIC Advanced, CI & CT
GA Scheduling Manager
Mentor/Training Manager

Brenda, a former Wisconsin native, has resided in Florida since 2010. She built her career as a professional interpreter with a passion and a heart for serving the special needs of deaf and hard of hearing people through out the country. Having grown up with two deaf siblings, deafness, sign language and deaf culture have been significant aspects of her being. Brenda graduated from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee with a degree in Exceptional Education and a certificate of completion in the Interpreter Training Program. Her experience during the past 25 years includes supervising/coordinating interpreting services, working as a staff interpreter at the Wisconsin School for the Deaf, directing a mentoring program for an interpreter coordination service and was a consultant with the Office for Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ODHH)- Wisconsin Mentoring Program. Because of her desire to serve to her fullest capacity, Brenda has been an active member of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf at the local, state, regional and national levels too. Her greatest accomplishments to date being her terms as both RID President (2011 to 2013) and Treasurer (2007 to 2011). She is both knowledgeable and a force to reckon with in the interpreting industry. We are very lucky at AQI Services to have a chance to work with a person of Brenda's caliber and we know you will feel the same way when you meet her.
Lynn Haag
Lynn Haag
Administrative Assistant

Jennifer Paine
Jennifer Paine BA, New Media Production, UT
Website Developer
Front-End Scripter