For Immediate Release, AQI Acquires SLS, Inc

For Immediate Release:
July 19, 2022

July 12, 2022 - Absolute Quality Interpreting Services (AQI) has completed our acquisition of Sign Language Services, Inc (SLS). AQI Services finalized the purchase of SLS Inc, and is now a single company called Absolute Quality Interpreting Services (AQI).

SLS is a 20-year ASL business owned by Joni Caraway and operates in the Pensacola Florida region, specializing in providing RID certified American Sign Language interpreters to business and governmental customers.

AQI Services is a Minority Woman owned business (Asian Pacific), certified in and My Florida Marketplace and the State of Georgia Procurement system. AQI Services is owned by Lisa Schaefermeyer and David Scott and is based out of Land O' Lakes Florida, operating 24/7 and serves 23 States specializing in American Sign Language, and providing CART, Video Remote Interpreting (VRI), spoken languages, and several other services to the Education, Healthcare, Federal and business customers. AQI services has a staff of ten people across three States allowing 24/7/365 services.

AQI Services partners with Stetson University to host our Annual Legal training the first week of March every year. AQI Services hosts CEU trainings for our Interpreters on a consistent basis, for more information. Interpreters can purchase seats for our trainings with no extra fees.

AQI has multiple product listings, RID Certified ASL interpreters and CDI interpreters both can be on-site or over video connections (VRI). AQI Services offers Real-time transcription on-site, remote and computer augmented, we offer spoken languages over the phone and on-site depending on the location, we offer content conversion to video and many other services.

AQI Services has acquired SLS in part, including all of the customers and contractual items. We are transitioning all digital services (email, phones, website, etc.) over the next 30 days. Customers can email or call us at the main line at 813-785-1214 or SLS's main line at 850-912-6811. Those numbers route directly to AQI Services LLC. There will be no interruption of services for any of our customers or interpreters.

If you have any general questions, please email, or call at 813-785-1214.

Thank you very much for your time!

Very Respectfully,

The AQI Team

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