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AQI Services LLC - Redefining the Culture of Communication

Absolute Quality Interpreting (AQI) - Interpreter Owned

Absolute Quality Interpreting Services, LLC also d/b/a AQI Services, specializes in providing Sign Language Interpreting services both in-person and by video. Businesses/Entities are required by the Americans with Disabilities to provide accommodations to individuals who use sign language can use our services to secure a qualified sign language interpreter. We serve businesses and we are changing the culture of communications! We have a network of certified interpreters to respond immediately! We provide interpreting services any time of the day, 365 days of the year. We can setup Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) to serve hospitals, urgent care facilities, ambulances and emergency rooms inside of three minutes. We service all 50 States.

Effective 2011, the Department of Justice has updated the American's with Disabilities Act regulations. VRI is now an acceptable auxiliary aid and is recognized in the legal definition of "qualified interpreter." Consumers can request to utilize VRI as a reasonable accommodation for achieving effective communication beginning March 15, 2011.
The ADA has an amazing link on effective communications

AQI is calling for Georgia and Florida interpreters to become CERT instructors to teach CERT in ASL.
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